Introduction to 12th Syllabus Physical Chemistry

The assignment has been prepared for 12th Standard Physical Chemistry. In this part, we will study about Chemical Kinetics – the third most important concepts of chemical reaction, Radioactivity – Nuclear Process & Nuclear reactions, Electrochemistry – Galvanic cell & Electrolytic cell, Liquid Solution & its colligative properties, Solid State & Surface chemistry. The detail description of each topic is listed below

1Chemical Kinetics
1. Introduction, Rate of Reaction
2. Differential Rate Law,  nth order Reaction
3. Zeroth & First Order Reaction
4. First Order & Second Order Reaction
5. Pseudo Order Reaction, Pressure/Volume Change Method
6. Parallel 1st order Reaction
7. Reaction Mechanism
8. Collision Model For Chemical Kinetics
9. Arhenius Equation, Catalyst effect
2Nuclear Chemistry
1. Nucleus, Binding energy, Fission & Fusion Reaction
2. Type of Radioactive Process
3. Nuclear Stability, Radioactive decay
4. Radioactive Decay Law
5. Radioactive decay Law – Part II
1. Cell Notation & Cell Reaction
2. Emf of Cell, Electrode Potential
3. Electrochemical Series
4. The Nernst Equation
5. Equilibrium Condition, Concentration Cell
6. Emf of Metal Insoluble Salt Electrode
7. Battery & Corrosion
8. Electrolysis – Faraday Law
9. Faraday Law & Oxidation & Reduction at Electrode
10. Resistance & Conductance of Cell
11. Molar & Equivalent Conductance 
12. Kohlraush’s Law
13. Coductometric Titration
4Liquid Solution & its Colligative Properties
1. Solution Formation, Factors affecting Solubility
2. Vapour Pressure of  Solution with Volatile Solute
3. Properties of an Ideal Solution
4. Non – deal Solution & Azeotropic Solution
5.  Relative Lowering of Vapour Pressure
6. Elevation in B.P. Temperature
7. Depression in F.P. Temperature
8. Osmotic Pressure
9. Van’t Hoff Factors & Abnormal C.P.
10. Abnormal C.P. 
5Solid State
1. Type of Solids, Crystal & its Properties
2. Bravius Lattice, Unit Cell Properties
3. Type of Cubic Unit cell
4. HCP lattice, Density of Solids
5. Closest Packed Structure, Tetrahedral & Octahedral Voids 
6. Radius Ratio & Type of Voids
      7. Type of Ionic Solids
8. Defect in Solids
9. Metallic Bonding & Magnetic Properties
6Surface Chemistry
1. Surface Tension & Surface Energy
2. Adsorption
3. Factors Affecting Adsorption
4. Catalysis
5. Type of Collodial Solution
6. Preparation of Colloidal Solution
7. Properties of Collodial Solution
8. Protective Colloids & Emulsion

I have prepared this Problem book with systematic set of problems, which is in accordance to the flow of my lectures or most of the Teachers teaching in India for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET & AIIMS. The problems in each chapter have been arranged in such a way that students can start solving problems from the beginning of the chapter. This is the first part “Concept Builder” of the book, which build/strengthen the concepts that students have learnt with his/her Teacher. This part is common to all students preparing for JEE Main & Advanced & NEET Exams. A separate second part of this book/assignment “Rank Improvement” will be Provided to Students of JEE Advanced.

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