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IITian Rishi Sir - Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna

success in any field can be achieved with sincerity, punctuality & hard work. Here is the success tips by IITian & best Chemistry Teacher in Patna. For success in any field, First thing you should have to do, is to dream about your goal, dream about your success, believe on that and then start work for that. Don’t just follows what you listen. The world is filled with so many unsuccessful persons that you will have to listen mostly about failure. Be determined to your duty & just follow your heart. This is the secret of success, nothing else. Be prepared to work hard in smart way, there is not any shortcut to any achievement.

 If someone tells you about shortcuts for success in life, he is misguiding you. Believe on your dream & on yourself and you will achieve unbelievable things in life. There is only one secret for success to believe on yourself. History is full of many personalities who achieved their dreams even at the last stage of their life. You have just started your life to achieve something and this is the best time to be sincere what you want to be. Aristotle had said “The only way to success is to want your goal as badly as you need air to survive”.

As far as success in Chemistry for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET exam is concerned, I want to say is that success in chemistry don’t lie in memorizing but understanding the concepts of Chemistry, applying them in Problems & understanding the way a molecule behaves. For understanding chemistry it is essential to understand Physical chemistry completely, Conceptual topics of Inorganic Chemistry like Periodic Table, Chemical Bonding, Co-ordination compounds and some part of Organic chemistry like reaction mechanism part, Isomerism and knowing about interesting facts of organic and inorganic chemistry which are related to our daily use and useful to us in many ways.

In this particular package, you will learn Naming of Organic Compounds, General Organic Chemistry, Isomerism, Reaction Mechanism & hydrocarbon. All of these topics are very interesting and  conceptually rich. By solving problems in this package, you will understand the basic of each of the topics & can score high in your JEE or NEET Exams

At Last, one thing I want to say, Engineering or Medical is not merely a job but it’s a passion to learn, do something innovative & help the society. You can do better as an engineer or as a doctor if you have developed passion for you profession.  I have said to you both the secret and the way to be a successful person in life. These things are not only related to success in your competitive examinations only but in anywhere in your life and at any stage of your work.

Hope you all will enjoy learning chemistry with me.

Thank You All

Rishi Kumar

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