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best Chemistry teacher in Patna
Rishi Sir


Most of the students find Organic Chemistry difficult & the main reason behind it is study of organic chemistry in arbitrary manner. Here is the best method & Systematic order to learn organic Chemsitry by best Chemistry teacher in Patna, Rishi Sir

The assignment/DPP for 11th Standard Organic Chemistry has been prepared in the most systematic order. I have started the package with “Nomenclature” which is very easy topics, where a set of rules has to be followed. After then I have taught GOC, which is Grammar of Organic Chemistry. Then Reaction Mechanism & Isomerism has been done, which are the logic behind the organic chemistry Reaction. At last, I have taught Hydrocarbon, where many named reactions have to be remembered with understanding their mechanism. Here is the  detail description of each topic taught by best Chemistry Teacher in Patna, Rishi Sir

Topic Detail by Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna

1Nomenclature – by Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna
 1. Introduction to Organic Chemistry
 2. Naming of Alkanes
 3. Naming of Alkyl Group, Degree & Type of H
 4. 4. Naming of Alkenes & Alkenyl Group
 5. Naming of Akyne & Akynyl Group
 6. Naming of Cyclic Compounds
 7. Naming of Hetrocyclic, Bicyclo & Spyro Compounds
       8. Naming of Acid & Aldehyde
 9. Naming of Ester, Acid Halides, Amides & Nitriles
 10. Naming of Alcohol, Thiol, Sulphonic Acid & Amine
 11. Naming of Halides, Nitro & Epoxy Compounds
 12. Naming of Ketone, Anhydride & Ether
 13. Naming of Polyfunctional Group Compounds
 14. Naming of Aromatic Compounds
2General Organic Chemistry – Part 1 – by Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna
 1. Hybridisation in Organic Chemistry
 2. Characteristics of Hybridisation
 3. Resonance
 4. Drawing Resonating Structure
 5. Stability of Resonating Structures
 6. Effects of Resonance on Bond Length
 7. Resonance Energy, Effect of Resonance
 8. Introduction to Aromaticity
 9. Aromatisation Reaction & U.F. Factor
3General Organic Chemistry – Part 2 – by Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna
 1. Hyperconjugation 
  2. Effect of Hyperconjugation
      3. Inductive Effect
 4. Mesomeric Effect
 5. Steric effect, Electromeric Effect
 6. Carbocation & its rearrangement 
 7. Carbanion & its stability 
 8. Free Radicals, Carbene, Nitrene 
 9. Acidic Strength
 10. Acidic Strength & Basic Strength 
 11. Acid, Base & Electrophile, Nucleophile
4Isomerism – by Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna
 1. Structural Isomers – Chain, Positional Isomers
 2. Metamers, Functional & Ring Chain Isomers
 3. Tautomerism 
 4. Stereo Isomers – Geometrical Isomerism
 5. Properties of Geometrical Isomerism
 6. Optical Isomerism    
       7. Mirror Image, Element of Symmetry
 8. Enantiomers, Diasteromers, Mesomers
 9. Properties of Optical Isomers
 10. Conformational Isomers 
 11. Torsional Strain, Conformers of Cyclic Compounds
5Reaction Mechanism – by Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna
 1. Introduction to Mechanism & Organic Reaction
 2. Substitution Reaction
 3. SN1, SN2 Reaction
 4. SN1 vs SN2 Reaction & SNi Reaction
 5. Elimination Reaction – E1 & E2 Reaction
 6. E1 Vs E2 Reaction, E1CB Reaction
 7. Elimination vs Substitution Reaction
 8. Electrophilic Addition Reaction
 9. Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
 10. Examples of Electrophilic Aromatic substitution 
 11. Addition Elimination Pathway
 12. Benzyne Pathway
6Hydrocarbon – by Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna
 1. Preparation of Alkane – Hydrogenation Reaction
 2. Preparation of Alkane
 3. Preparation of Alkane
 4. Properties of Alkane 
 5. Preparation of Alkene – Part 1
 6. Preparation of Alkene – Part 2
 7. Properties of Alkene
 8. Reaction of Alkenes
 9. Ozonolysis & Oxidation of Alkene
 10. Ozonolysis & other Reactions of Alkene
 11. Preparation of Alkyne
 12. Reaction of Alkynes 
 13. Reaction of Alkynes

Best Chemistry Teacher in Patna - Concept builder Package

I have prepared this Problem book with systematic set of problems, which is in accordance to the flow of my lectures or most of the Teachers teaching in India for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET & AIIMS. The problems in each chapter have been arranged in such a way that students can start solving problems from the beginning of the lecture. This is the first part “Concept Builder” of the book, which build/strengthen the concepts that students have learnt with his/her Teacher. This part is common to all students preparing for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET Exams.
A separate second part of this book/assignment “Rank Improvement” package will be Provided to Students preparing for JEE Advanced exam & this package has been prepared keeping the level of JEE Advanced Exam.


Rishi sir has more than 12 year offline + 6 year Online teaching experience of Organic Chemistry & with Rishi Sir, you can be 100 % sure to learn organic chemistry in best way possible in India for JEE/NEET. All you have to do is to follow Rishi Sir Notes & lectures throughout your study. Enjoy Learning Chemistry with best Chemistry Teacher in Patna, Rishi Sir.

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