1st Review of our Student – Best Chemistry teacher in Patna

Best Chemistry Classes in Patna
Best Chemistry teacher in Patna

Today i am very happy to write this testimonial for the best chemistry teacher in Patna and in all Bihar too. I am an IITian currently studying Computer Science at IIT Kanpur.

Best chemistry Teacher in Patna

I am an alumni of A to Z Chemistry, Patna. I studied chemistry under the guidance of the best chemistry teacher in Patna, Rishi Sir of A to Z Chemistry Patna for 2 years. Initially when i had newly arrived in Patna to start my preparation for IIT JEE, i was looking for an expert mentor in each subjects of IIT JEE entrance exam.

I did lot of research on each n every coaching institute of Patna and each n every teachers who prepare students for various engineering entrance competitions. I was able to find good n expert mentors in physics and maths quickly but i was struggling for finding an expert mentor in chemistry because this is one subject for which there are not many good teachers in Patna. And those who are there few chemistry teachers…..they are not up to the mark….they will end up wasting your valuable time n money.

Chemistry is after all a very tough subject and the toughest among all 3 subjects….i think… After wasting almost 4 months in other reputed chemistry coachings in Patna, i finally met a chemistry teacher of my choice …a teacher who was not just a teacher but a True Mentor in its complete sense ! When i attended one of Demo Classes of Rishi Sir, i knew i had finally arrived at my chemistry destination. This is what i had been searching for almost 2 months.

Finally i realised why i was not getting satisfied at other chemistry coachings of Patna. I found great chemistry teachers and instructors at other chemistry classes but deep down inside my subconscious mind i was actually looking for a “Mentor” or a “Guide” who can guide me at each step of my IIT JEE preparation. I found teachers and instructors at other chemistry classes but i found “A Mentor” only at A to Z Chemistry (the best chemistry coaching in patna) in the form of Rishi Sir. What i like the most about Rishi Sir’s way of teaching is his effortless simplistic way of presenting even a very tough concept. he is definitely one of the best chemistry teacher in India for JEE & NEET preparation

Best chemistry Teacher in Patna – Rishi Sir

He will break down a big n hard to digest concept into very small and simple steps, into atom by atom, molecule by molecule then he will explain each broken steps one by one and then finally he will lead it towards understanding the big concept very easily. This way even a back bencher can understand the toughest concepts of chemistry in much easier manner.

The best chemistry teacher in Patna – Rishi Sir at A to Z Chemistry is an IIT topper engineer but the engineering he does in his teaching methodology is simply THE BEST. I thank him from the bottom of my heart to guide me until my IIT victory. He is also going to be my best Mentor for the rest of my life….

Thank you dear for your so long review..!

We have established ourselves as best chemistry coaching/teacher in Patna, Kankarbagh & Boring Road & we are trying to be the best in providing chemistry coaching facility in all over India through Online & offline Learning. Enjoy learning chemistry with Rishi Sir. We are putting our efforts to excel in chemistry learning for each students. we are conducting two classes a day – each of 1 hr – 1.5 hr duration (so that students need not to move here and there), regular tests, live online and offline classes, proper doubt and extra classes for JEE Advanced students, which make us better than any one in Patna. Do join us and enjoy learning chemistry with best chemistry teacher in patna – Rishi Sir

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