Introduction to 12th Syllabus Inorganic Chemistry

The Assignment/DPP for 12th Standard Inorganic Chemistry. I have started the package with “Co-ordination Compounds” which is most important topics of 12th Inorganic Chemistry. Other topics has been arranged in systematic order to clear each and every concepts. The detail description of each topic is listed below

1. Type of Ores
2. Concentration of Ore 
3. Roasting, Smelting, Refining of Metals
4. Pyrometallurgy, Electrometallurgy, Hydrometallurgy
5. Electrometallurgy, Hydrometallurgy  
6. Ellingham’s Diagram
7. Extraction of Cu, Fe
       8. Extraction of Al, Zn, General Extraction Method 
2d & f Block Metals  
1. Elemental Properties of d block Elements
2. Elemental Properties of d block Elements
3. Potentials & Stability of Metal ions
4. Chemical Properties of d block Elements
5. K2Cr2O7 & KMnO4
6. Reaction of KMnO4
7. Lanthaoids 
8. Compounds of Lanthanoids
9. Actinoids 
3Co-ordination Compounds
1. Ligand, Primary & Secondary Valency, Nomenclature
2. Effective Atomic Number
3. Valence Bond Theory in Complex Compounds
4. VBT & CFT in Complex Compounds
5. Isomerism in Complex Compounds
6. Stereoisomers in Complex Compounds
       7. Organometallic Compounds 
8. Stability & Use of Complex Compounds
4P Block Elements – Part 2
1. Group 15 Elements & their Compounds
2. Compounds of Group 15 Elements & Nitrogen  
3. Compounds of Nitrogen
4. Nitrogen Compounds, Allotropes of Phosphorous
5. Compounds of Phosphorous
6. Oxides & oxyacids of Phosphorous
7. Group 16 Elements & their Compounds
8. Oxygen & Ozone
9. Sulphur & its compounds
10. Oxides & Oxyacids of Sulphur
11. Group 17 Elements & their Compounds
12. Compounds of Halogens
13. Oxides & Oxyacids of Halogen
14. Noble Gases & its Compounds
15. Compounds of Xe, Use of Noble Gas
5Salt Analysis
1. Solubility & Colour of Compounds
2. Properties of Gases & Compounds
3. Flame Test, Borax Bead & Phosphate Bead test
4. Bead Test, Cobalt Nitrate & Charcoal cavity test
5. Class A(i) Anions
6. Class A(i) & Class A(ii) Anions
      7. Class B Anions
8. Classification of cations
9. Group I, Group II & Group III cations
10. Group IV & Group V cations
      11.  Identification of Cations
12. Passage Type questions
13. Subjective Problems on Salt Analysis
14. Subjective Problems on Salt Analysis

I have prepared this Problem book with systematic set of problems, which is in accordance to the flow of my lectures or most of the Teachers teaching in India for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET & AIIMS. The problems in each chapter have been arranged in such a way that students can start solving problems from the beginning of the chapter. This is the first part “Concept Builder” of the book, which build/strengthen the concepts that students have learnt with his/her Teacher. This part is common to all students preparing for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET & AIIMS. A separate second part of this book/assignment “Rank Improvement” will be Provided to Students of JEE Advanced exams.

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