Introduction to 11th Syllabus Inorganic Chemistry

The assignment/DPP  for 11th Standard Inorganic Chemistry has been designed according to the lecture flow. I have started the package with “Periodic Table & Chemical Bonding” which are concept builder topics for Inorganic Chemistry. These topics has been arranged in systematic order to clear each and every concepts. If you master these two topics, you will enjoy learning Inorganic Chemistry & I have tried the best approach to make these topics interesting. The detail description of each topic is given below

1 Periodic Table
  1. Development of P.T. , Concept of Zeff
  2. Modern Periodic Table – I
  3. Modern Periodic Table – II 
  4. Atomic Volume & Atomic Radius
  5. Ionisation Energy – I 
  6. Ionisation Energy – II
  7. Electron Affinity – I 
        8. Electron Affinity & Electronegativity 
  9. Hydration & Lattice Energy, Oxidising & Reducing Power 
  10. Metallic Character, Nature of Oxides, Density, Diagonal Relation, Inert Pair Effect
2 Chemical Bonding 
  1. Bonding Concepts, Ionic & Covalent Compounds 
  2. Ionic Character, Dipole Moment, Fajan’s Rule
  3. Lewis Structure Theory, Formal Charge
  4. Resonance, Banana Bonding, odd electron species
  5. Exceptions in Lewis Structure theory
  6. Method to Draw Lewis Structure
  7. VSEPR Model
  8. Shape of Chemical Species
  9. Back-Bonding, Bond Angle 
  10. Bond Length, Bond Strength
  11. Hybridistaion, SP, SP2, SP3 Hybridsiation
  12. Sigma & Pi bonds, SP3d, SP3d2, dsp2 Hyrbidistaion
   13. calculate Hybridisation, Overlapping of Orbitals
       14. Other Concepts related to Hybridisation
  15. Molecular Orbital Theory
  16. MOT of P orbitals, Bond order, Magnetic character
  17. Magnetic character, Overlapping of MO
  18. Secondary Bonding 
  19. Hydrogen Bonding
  20. Metallic Bonding, Semiconductor
3 Hydrogen & Its Compounds
  1. Preparation of H
  2. Type of Hydrogen
  3. Isotopes of Hydrogen, Hydrides
  4. Water
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide
4 S Block Metals
  1. Elemental Properties of Alkali Metals
  2. Compounds of Alkali Metals
  3. Na & its Compounds
  4. Compounds of Na
  5. Alkaline earth Metal
  6. Compounds of IIA Metals
  7. Compounds of IIA Metals – II
  8. Compounds of Ca
  9. Compounds of Ca, Use of IIA metals
5 P block Elements Part 1
  1. Elemental Properties of Group 13 elements
  2. Compounds of Group 13 elements
  3. Compounds of Boron Part – I
  4. Compounds of Elements – Part II
  5. Elemental Properties of Group 14 Elements
  6. Allotropes of C, Carbon Monooxide
       7. Carbon Dioxide, Carbides
  8. Type of Silicates
  9. Silicones, Quartz & Glass 
6 Environmental Chemistry
  1. Air Pollution – Part I
  2. Air Pollution – Part II
  3. Water Pollution & Soil Pollution

I have prepared this Problem book with systematic set of problems, which is in accordance to the flow of my lectures or most of the Teachers teaching in India for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET . The problems in each chapter have been arranged in such a way that students can start solving problems from the beginning of the chapter. This is the first part “Concept Builder” of the book, which build/strengthen the concepts that students have learnt with his/her Teacher. This part is common to all students preparing for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET & AIIMS. A separate second part of this book/assignment “Rank Improvement” will be Provided to Students of JEE Advanced.

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