Chemistry learning with IITian Rishi Sir

Chemistry study for JEE Main, JEE Advanced & NEET, 11th & 12th Boards Exam


AtoZ Chemistry provides offline Classroom courses at Kankarbagh & Boring Road, Patna & online classes from anywhere in India. The online courses are conducted live from offline classes through Youtube Live. 

 Classroom facilities of AtoZ CHEMISTRY by IITian Rishi Sir

AtoZ Chemistry by IITian Rishi Sir provides offline Chemistry Learning facility at Kankarbagh & Boring Road Centre, Patna, Bihar for Students of 11th, 12th, JEE Main + Advanced & NEET Exam from last 13 Years.  AtoZ Chemistry provides Classroom Chemistry courses + DPP/Assignments discussion + Online/offline test facility + Study Material for Chemistry Students  for JEE Main/ JEE Advanced &  NEET Exams 


With IITian Rishi Sir, you get complete solution of Physical, Organic & Inorganic Chemistry classroom learning for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET Exams. 

There are two type of batches offered at AtoZ Chemistry.

1). 1 year course (4 days classes of 2.5 hours duration – 2 periods of 1 hr 15 minutes)

2). 2 Year course ( 3 – 4 days classes of 2 hrs)

After each class, 30 minutes doubts session is available for students separately for JEE Advanced, JEE Main & NEET Students 

with each course, separate DPP/Assignments (Concept builder Package & Rank Booster Package) will be provided to students which will be throughly discussed in class. Beside this package, 20 year question bank solution will be also provided. Students who are interested in study material by IITian Rishi Sir, will be provided JEE Main + Advanced , NEET Study Material separately. 

Online/offline Tests/Quizzes facility

At present, we provide Online/Classroom test facility of Chemistry for students studying with Rishi Sir. For students preparing for different exam (JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET) different test papers will be provided. The test duration will be of 1 hr to 1 hr 30 minutes duration and will contain questions according to JEE Main/ JEE Advanced & NEET Exam Pattern. 

National Standard Study Material for JEE Main + Advanced, NEET Exam

we are also providing National Standard Study material with complete theory & Problem practice , with 20 Year question bank for NEET, AIIMS & JEE Main for NEET students. The Material has been prepared under the guidance of IITian Rishi Sir & is the best in India. No coaching will provide such comprehensive material for NEET Students. 

For JEE Main + Advanced Students, we are also providing Study Material Separately which is best in India. It contains all type of concepts & Problem of JEE Main & Advanced Pattern. If a student sincerely cover this material, he/she is at the topmost level of JEE Advanced preparation.

Online Live Classes of AtoZ CHEMISTRY by IITian Rishi Sir

AtoZ Chemistry provides online solution of complete chemistry for 11th, 12th, JEE Main/Advance + NEET Exam. It has been founded by Er. Rishi Sir in year 2014 on huge demands by his students who need solutions to their problems from anywhere. AtoZ Chemistry not only helps students of Rishi sir but it also helps any students who are interested in learning chemistry. AtoZ Chemistry provides complete video lecture of chemistry + Live Online classes + Online test facility for Chemistry Students  for JEE Main/ JEE Advance/ NEET Exams separately

Complete Chemistry Video Lectures

we provide complete video lectures of Chemistry for 11th, 12th Board, JEE Main, JEE Advanced & NEET Exam separately.  with each courses, we provide video solution of previous year question bank solution of JEE Main, NEET & JEE Advnaced. 

The video lectures are the most advanced & conceptual lecture series available in India. 

JEE Advanced Video Lecture duration is of more than 400 hrs

JEE Main video Lectures duration is of more than 300 hrs

NEET Video lectures duration is more than 300 hrs

with each of the video lectures, we provide Assignments/DPP in PDF. The assignment is prepared according to lecture flow. so students can solve 10 – 15 problems after each lecture. 

In Chemistry course by IITian Rishi sir, you will get

Conceptual Depth

Understanding the subject is most important in JEE/NEET Preparation. With IITian Rishi Sir, you will get conceptual clarity of each Part of Chemistry. You will start loving Chemistry when you will follow Chemistry courses of AtoZ CHEMISTRY by IITian Rishi Sir

Problems Solving Skill

In JEE/NEET, Mostly Problems are asked & hence you must have best problem solving skill. With IITian Rishi Sir, you will get tips & techniques to solve Chemistry problem from his 13 year of teaching experience & his own practice during prepration of JEE. 

Motivation & Tips

JEE | NEET Preparation requires a better Plan. With IITian Rishi Sir, you will get that plan and method to follow that Plan.  With  Preparation, you must be motivated. With IITian Rishi Sir, you will get motivation as well as tips & tricks to crack JEE | NEET Exams