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What are the courses that AtoZ Chemistry Provides ?

AtoZ Chemistry Provides Chemistry Courses for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET Prepration. We offer following type of courses - 1). Online Courses (Live Class + Video Lecture + DPP + Online Tests) 2). Offline Chemistry Course (Classroom Teaching + DPP + Tests) Beside this, Books, Assignments & Chemistry Notes of Rishi Sir are also available.

Is there separate batches for JEE & NEET?

At AtoZ Chemistry, you have common batches with extra timing for JEE Main, JEE Advanced & NEET Students. i.e. Beside common classes for all Students, separate timing for JEE Main (10 % Extra), JEE Advanced (25 % Extra) & NEET (10 % Extra time will be given). This is valid for both Online (Live Classes + Video Lectures) & Offline Courses.

is there separate packages for JEE Main, NEET & JEE Advanced?

We Provides two type of Packages/DPP 1). CBP (Concept Builder Package) 2). RBP (Rank Booster Package) Beside this, for all students 20 - 30 years respective question bank of JEE Main, NEET/AIIMS & JEE Advanced will be discussed.

How can i study with Rishi Sir?

If you are studying in Patna, you can study with Rishi Sir in offline mode (in Classroom). If you are not studying in Patna, you can study with Rishi Sir Online through his Video Lectures or in Live Classes

What are the benefits of Chemistry Video Lectures of Rishi Sir?

AtoZ CHEMISTRY provides most advanced & Conceptual video Lectures of Chemistry in INDIA. It Provides 1). Complete & comprehensive Video Lectures : No Coaching is going to teach you in so detail as done by Rishi Sir. You can match the timing of each subtopics discussed by Rishi Sir & other coaching Class given in a topic 2). Assignments from Level 0 to Level 5 (Level 0 to Level 2 for JEE Main & NEET from Level 3 to Level 5 for JEE Advanced) available with Video Lectures.

what are the benefit of Live Online Chemistry Classes with Rishi Sir?

Rishi Sir provides the best chemistry teaching facility in INDIA. with Online Live Class, You will study with Rishi Sir in interactive Live Class, where you can ask your doubts. In each class, 10-15 questions DPP will be provided, which will be discussed in live class. Question bank Solution will be discussed. Regular 21 days teaching facility will be provided. Live Classes will be conducted 5 days in a week. for 1 year courses & 3 days for 2 year courses. Beside teaching , you have every tips & Tricks of JEE./NEET preparation as well as Motivation to crack JEE/NEET.

What are the benefit of Classroom study with Rishi Sir?

In present days, Online live classes are conducted frequently but there is no match of offline classroom learning facilities. At present, Rishi Sir is teaching Chemistry at PATNA & if you are studying in PATNA, you can study with him. At Offline classes, Rishi Sir will provides teaching facilities, DPP/Assignments & test facilities of Chemistry. Beside this , you have every tips & Tricks of JEE./NEET preparation as well as Motivation to crack JEE/NEET.

are doubts cleared at AtoZ Chemistry?

In both online/offline class, doubts of students are welcome. Classes will be interactive & students are allowed to ask doubts from the related topics. In offline classes, after each class 20 - 30 minutes doubts duration will be provided, where students can ask their individual doubts

is it complete Chemistry Course for JEE Main, Advnaced & NEET Exam?

Yes, it is complete chemistry (Physical + Organic + Inorganic) Course for JEE Main & Advanced, NEET Exam. All taught by Rishi Sir.

what are the academic qualifications of Rishi Sir?

After B.Tech. from IIT Kanpur, Rishi Sir has choosen to teach for JEE/NEET becuase he love to teach and want to hepls some rural students to crack JEE/NEET. Rishi Sir is himself topper of chemistry in IIT–JEE and AIEEE. Beside topper of chemistry, he has given solution to a national standarad book of chemistry. he has 12 year of offline teaching experience & 6 years of online teaching experience. So, have confidence in him and yourselves, you will be definitely doing much better in chemistry in your exams.

what is the duration of the chemistry course?

We provide 1 year & 2 year Chemistry courses. 1 year course is of 10 month duration whereas 2 year courses is of 20 month duration. The timing per week given to students in each batches will be different. 1 year course students will be given 60 % more time than 2 year course students

what are the fee structure of Chemistry learning with Rishi Sir?

There are different fee structure for online & offline courses with Rishi Sir. For detail, you can call us on 9852476717 / 8340524557